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Trierra LTD is an authorized distributor of world-renowned manufacturers of rolling bearings.

Meet our partners

Logo of partner company ZVL


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ZLV SLOVAKIA a.s. is a relatively young Slovak company. Created in 1968 with the “Know How” for the so-called “hard operations” by the Japanese company NSK. With its successful start, the company serves as an example for Bulgaria (VMZ Sopot).  The company built, once again, with the “Know How” of NSK, a new factory, which is now owned by SKF.

Logo of partner company Timken


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Timken is undoubtedly a world leader in the sphere of tapered roller bearings, not only regarding the manufactured types, nomenclatures, size diapason, but also in the theory behind them. The fact that every firm, including the largest ones producing tapered roller bearings in inch dimensions, uses the size plans, the accuracy classes, the dimension margins, the deviations from the geometric norm and the marking systems of Timken.

Proven Quality

In its 25 years on the market, Trierra has had numerous partners from various countries, with different manufacturing capabilities, with various traditions.

We believe that whether a bearing is high-quality or not is determined not only by the coverage of the appropriate technical or state requirements for its parameters.


The quality of the main components, which are usually alloyed refined steels; more precisely – their chemical composition, cleanness, and structure are incredibly important. This is why all leading bearing manufacturers have close ties with the companies which produce the steel they use.


In their company standards, a number of additional parameters are included, for the control of which special measurement equipment is provided. Those procedures provide an additional guarantee of the quality of the product – something, which is not widespread.


Such powerful companies, leaders in the bearing industry, are our current partners.

Logo of company ASAHI, of which Trierra LTD is a distributor
Logo of company KYK, of which Trierra LTD is a distributor
Logo of company ZWZ, of which Trierra LTD is a distributor

We continue to successfully offer appropriate solutions for every use of the rolling bearings, commensurate with the constructive requirements and differences of the various bearing units.

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